luckychick / Lift me up...

Lift me up

I’m all I have left you
I’m pushing back running you over me
I’ve been thrown down forever,
Run around you
Beaten ’til you hit the ground
I’m telling you right now that it’s over forever
There’s no room for mistakes anymore
All the parts are in place right now
Say what you will do but say it to my face fucker
Better back the fuck up
Better shut the fuck up
I’ll do what I want now
And I’ll never give up remember
I won’t be broken anymore
I won’t be tortured anymore
I won’t be beaten down anymore
I have the answer for everything now
I can take the pressure
I will turn it all around
Lift me up above this
The flames and the ashes
Lift me up and help me to fly away
Lift me up above this
The broken, the empty
I’m gonna change my history
Enlighten the world
Teach ’em how to see through my eyes
I’m gonna lash back check that fate as a heart attack
Stomp out all the ugliest lies
You can’t convince me to change
We ain’t on the same page
I’ve had my fill
There’s nothing but rage
Best get out of my way ’cause there’s nothing to say
Is that all you got because I ain’t got all day
Поместил(а): luckychick
Опубликовано: 11.04.2022. - 15:13:11
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